Have You Heard of Leafland Title Cash?

If your credit is less than great, you've probably already resigned yourself to having extremely limited options for borrowing money. People with poor credit usually have to choose from the following:

• begging friends and family
• asking for an advance from work
• taking out a costly payday loan
• pawning valuable items for mere dollars

But, did you know there's a better way? It's called car title loans Benbrook, offered by Leafland Title Cash. What are car title loans, you ask? Also known as pink slip loans or auto equity loans, car title loans are secured loans. This means you have to put up something of value to back your loan; in this case, the title to a vehicle you own.

Providing collateral with such a high value may seem scary, but think about this: car title loans with Leafland Title Cash don't involve credit checks. That's right: you don't have to pass any credit requirements. Leafland Title Cash understands that people make mistakes. That's why we're providing a way for people to have access to loan money without having to worry about their credit scores. But in order to provide loans without verifying credit, we have to have the assurance that we won't lose our money. By requiring our customers to provide us with the title to a car they own outright -- thereby allowing us to collect the vehicle if they don't pay their loans back -- we know that they'll do everything in their power to pay their debt off!

At Leafland Title Cash, we aren't interested in confiscating your car. We just want to know you'll pay your loan. That's why we'll do everything in our power to work with you if you fall behind on your payments. We want your repeat business; we can't have that if we take your car!


How Title Loans Benbrook Work

Getting title loans Benbrook is easy. Apply with the title to a car, truck or van you own. We'll base the loan amount we offer you on what your vehicle is worth, not on your credit or how much money you make. If you like the loan we quote you, finish your application, submit your original car title and take your money. The entire application process takes as little as 30 minutes.

Here's the good part: you don't have to surrender your car to get an auto title loan. We understand that you still need your car! So keep it, drive as you normally would and we'll just hold onto the title. Make all of your payments and we'll give you back your title at the closure of the loan.

What happens if you can't make your payments? Please, get in touch with us at Leafland Title Cash as quickly as possible. It's must better to let us know what's going on than stay silent about it! That way, we can create a solution to help you stay on track.

Once you pay your loan off, we'll give you back your title. Your account is officially closed. Feel free to borrow from us again at any time!

How to Apply with Leafland Title Cash

It's easy to apply for title loans Benbrook, Texas. Start with an online loan quote. Give us a little information about your vehicle, including:

• make
• year
• model
• approximate mileage

Then, tell us a little bit about yourself, including:

• name
• zip code
• email address
• reliable phone number

Our system will automatically generate an accurate quote based on your vehicle's value. Then, one of our professional loan representatives will give you a call to answer any questions. If you like the numbers you see and you want to proceed with the full application, our loan rep will tell you what you need to do. While we can take some of your information over the phone, it's best if you visit one of our convenient locations in the Benbrook, Texas area.

When you come, we'll need just a few documents. These are:

• your photo identification
• proof of your address
• proof of your income
• the original car title


Helpful Information

If you don't have a driver's license, any government-issued form of photo I.D. will do. For proof of address, we can accept a bill or a copy of your lease statement. For proof of income, we can accept pay stubs, a bank statement or a statement showing what you bring in monthly. We accept all forms of income. Unlike most financial institutions, we don't require that you be working when you apply. As long as you have some form of income, such as child support, disability or retirement income, we can approve your application.

We also need the original car title. We can't accept a photocopy. But what if you've lost your car title? This is an easy fix. Simply visit the Benbrook Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to apply for a duplicate title. Bring your driver's license and $5.45 for the fee when you go.

What if someone else's name is on the car title? The title must be in your own name. If you share the title with someone else, that person must come in to apply for the loan with you.

Let Our Loans Help You

What could you do with extra money right now? Do you have past-due bills? Are you facing foreclosure or eviction? Are you in a desperate situation and need money fast?

We can help! Fill out our loan quote form and see how much money you qualify for right now! If you like what you see, we can get you the money as quickly as the same day you apply for it. Don't let bad credit slow you down any longer!